Interactive WebMap 

Sites, buildings, plots etc are the entities that make Real Estate but there is only one thing that matters in each one of them i.e. ‘Location’.

Location is always one of the determining factors influencing property value in Real Estate Business.

SA Infra developed a simple prototype and versatile Real Estate Web App GIS tool which is backed up by live support.

Following requirements are fulfilled with the interactive GIS based web application: -

•Communicate assessment information with maps

•communicate data quickly and clearly

•express complex data simply and enhances understanding and comprehension

•self-contained summery of sites that the client needs or value

•presenting cause and effect insights in impactful ways

•summarized and interpretive conveying of statistical data

•Logically grouping of quantitative sales data and presenting them as structured information through charts/reports/maps.

•Escalating market knowledge with the location based data to help better understands factors that drive growth for the business and uncovering hidden opportunities for a competitive advantage.

•More accurately estimating the impact of location on property value

•Performing better market analysis with spatial analysis and powerful decision-making insight.

•With location-based data transforming the reports into data-driven decisions that expands marketing and site selections.

•Getting professional work of captivating maps, reports and interactive web portal which distinguish us from competition.