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The origin of Upham Internation Corporation

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The origin of Upham Internation Corporation was formally knows as Charles M. Upham & Associates: 1952 to 1964 Incorporated in Delaware in 1952 as Charles M. Upham & Associates. All consulting work undertaken between 1952 and 1964 was under this name and corporation.

The work accomplished was entirely in highways, and was in the U.S., mostly in the Northeast, and overseas in North Africa (Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria); in Latin America, mostly in Mexico; and in Thailand under a series of USOM – USOM stood for United States Overseas Missions, and was the predecessor of USAID - contracts at the Department of Highways.

In the duration of 1964 – 1968, the former name of the organization come to know as Charles M. Upham International Corporation, corporate offices in Daytona Beach, Florida. In 1968, the name of the corporation was change from Charles M. Upham International to Upham International Corporation (1968 -2000)

In 2000, CPCS Transcom Group had taken over to Upham International Corporation, Canada and the formerly known as a CPCS Upham Corporation a subsidiary of CPCS Transcom Limited.

Upham International Corporation was separator from the CPCS Transcom Group, Canada in 2007 and back to its own previous name and now it former name is Upham International Corporation.