About Us

SA Infrastructure Consultants Pvt Ltd (SAICPL) an ISO-9001:2008 Certified Company

It is a leading Consulting Organisation specialized in Roads, Highways, Rail, Environment, Bridges, Urban-Development and Water Supply. Established in 2005, SA Infrastructure Consultants Pvt Ltd (SAICPL), which includes M/s. QUEST Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd and M/s. UPHAM International Corporation, a US, is one of the most sought-after Consulting firm in Engineering and Planning.

Project objectives, Clients' satisfaction and serving the community are always at the core of our priorities and it strongly responds to the project objective through its vast experiences and innovative approach.

We and our subsidiaries have been an important stakeholder in Infrastructure Development for last 12+ years in India. With continual growth, we are one of the major and most trusted organizations in the business. We has been constantly appointed by all the major Central and State Government Ministries and Agencies and major private entrepreneurs in India associated with infrastructure development. We are bejeweled with plenty of highly capable professionals and other resources to deliver in Sectors of its Expertise with the quality comparable with any International standards.